Chana Masala Punjabi GF V
Chick Peas, potatoes and onions sauteed in a
special Indian pan... a special dish
Bengan Bhurta GF V
Puree of baked eggplant sauteed with onions and
Vegetable Korma GF
Pureed yellow lentils with seasoned vegetables and
a touch of fresh spices
Saag Paneer GF
Tender chunks of homemade cheese in creamed
seasoned spinach
Dal Makhani GF V
Black lentils with spices
Paneer Makhani GF
Homemade cheese cooked in fresh tomato sauce,
butter andmild Indian spices
Malai Kofta Kashmiri
Dumplings of fresh vegetables and cheese cooked
in a mild almond and cream sauce
Mixed Vegetable GF V
Garden fresh vegetables cooked with fine Indian
Vegetable Jalfrezi GF V
Mixed vegetables sauteed with onions tomatoes
and belpeppers
Aloo Bengan GF V
Eggplant with potatoes sauteed with onions and
tomatoes with a touch of curry sauce
Mushroom mutter GF
Mushrooms and green peas sauteed with brown
onions and tomatoes
Mutter Paneer GF
Garden fresh peas cooked with our homemade
cheese and curry sauce
Bhindi Masala GF V
Garden fresh Okra cooked with tomatoes and a
blend of Indian spices
Aloo Gobbi GF V
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with homemade
onion, tomato and herb sauce with spices
Paneer Bhuna GF
Chunks of paneer sauteed with onions tomatoes
and bellpeppers
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