Chicken Curry GF
Boneless chicken prepared with traditional curry.
Chicken Shahi Korma GF
Boneless chicken cooked with cream and mild
Indian spices.
Chicken Tikka Masala GF
Diced tandoori chicken cooked with tomatoes and
herb sauce.
Chicken Madras GF
Succulent pieces of chicken breast in medium
Chicken Saagwala GF
Chicken cooked in homemade cream spinach
seasoned with fresh Indian spcies
Chicken Jalfrezi GF
Marinated with fresh ground spices and sauteed
with tomatoes, onions and bell peppers.
Spicy Buttered Chicken GF
Chunky cuts of tandoori chicken marinated in
yogurt, ginger, garlic & butter and cooked with
Indian spices in tomato sauce.
Chicken Vindaloo GF
Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with potatoes
and chili peppers
Bombay Grill
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